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6 Ways EDM Enables Better Part and Tool Design

Textbooks portray design and manufacture as a linear process, but in reality it’s more iterative. Features, tolerances and materials specified by Engineering Challenge Manufacturing, who respond by requesting design changes. Reasoned discussion usually leads to better choices, but ultimately the product must function the way the designer wants. In such situations the only solution may…

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What the World Would Be Like If Aerospace Precision Machining Didn’t Exist

Space may be the final frontier that scientists, engineers and explorers set their sights on today to discover strange new worlds that might support intelligent life and may one day allow for human colonies to thrive. Yet without the modern technologies and innovations offered by a precision metal machining company, life would be very different…

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6 Factors To Look For When Choosing A Quality Precision Machine Shop

From aerospace to the defense department, organizations and businesses around the world require precision manufacturing to complete tasks. Without precision manufacturing, operations and processes come to a grinding halt. This problem affects the productivity of businesses and organizations, as well as their bottom lines. Yet, relying on just any precision machine shop to provide the…

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Precision Machining Enables Current & Future Medical Advances

The medical industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world. Companies hoping to bring their products to market must undergo rigorous trials to prove the safety and effectiveness of the product. Many medical devices must operate through hundreds, or even thousands of cycles without failing. Other devices require specialized engineering, to…

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Types of EDM Machining (What, Why, When)

EDM uses thermal erosion to remove small bits of conductive metal using repeated electrical discharges between the cutting tool, which functions as the electrode, and the piece itself in the presence of a dielectric fluid. The voltage discharge occurs in the gap between the cutting tool and the piece, and the heat essentially vaporizes small…

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