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Darth Vader’s Guide To Aerospace Engineering

Star Wars fans will recall young Anakin Skywalker’s custom-built pod racer, that even critics of that particular chapter have to admit was pretty advanced technology for what, a ten-year old? Anakin’s racer contained a repulsor lift engine that kept the craft at a precise low level altitude. Its powerful turbine engines were connected by an energy binder to keep them from flying apart. The engines had been heavily modified during the design phase to improve the fuel injection system and increase thrust and air scoops gave the racer optimal maneuverability.

OK, it’s just a movie. But what if grown-up Anakin (a.k.a. Darth Vader) were to provide guidance on aerospace technology for today? What factors and aspects of technology would he insist we have, upon pain of death?

Darth Vader’s Command – Precision is Key in Aerospace Manufacturing

Vader would insist all aerospace industry players focus on precision aerospace engineering using advanced EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) technology and CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) instead of relying on mere humanoids. There is little room for error in this industry and none for those who work for the Dark Side of the Force. Anakin learned this the hard way when his pod racer’s turbines burned out and he had to drag Obi Won around to scour for and acquire the right replacement parts.

Advanced EDM and CNC technology are the only acceptable ways to produce small or intricate parts that are durable and meet exact specifications.

These technologies greatly reduce manufacturing errors while simultaneously increasing accuracy and productivity. They are essential tools for today’s aerospace industry players to comply with newer, more stringent standards and regulations.

Wire EDM Cuts Through Any Conductive Material

Lord Vader would purchase the finest EDM wire machinery in the galaxy. Wire EDM is a high-precision method that can cut through pretty much any electrically conductive material. It uses a very thin wire programmed to cut a specific path. The wire controls the direction of the electrical discharge; the voltage removes layers of material with each pass.

The electrical discharge created between the wire and the other material cuts with absolute precision. Both the material and the wire are submerged in de-ionized water to flush away cutting debris. No cutting forces are involved. The charged wire never makes contact with the material, making the manufacture of intricate and delicate parts much easier.

EDM Drilling Technology Creates Fast, Precise Holes

Vader would also demand EDM machining specialists obtain the latest technology to create holes in electrically conductive and heat-treated components.

Today’s EDM hole-drilling technology is a fast and effective way to create accurate holes. It uses an electrically charged metallic-electrode tool to rapidly cut material, leaving behind precisely drilled holes and fine finishing. Tools and materials are also submerged in de-ionized water to flush out debris.

Turn to Aerospace EDM Machining Experts

Micropulse West is a trusted aerospace machining firm with specific expertise in wire EDM and alternative EDM-based technologies. Let us work with your engineering and manufacturing teams to provide the highest quality and most advanced EDM/CNC solutions and services.

We work in areas that include:

  • Wire EDM
  • Small Hole EDM
  • Sinker/RAM EDM
  • Surface grinding
  • Inspection
  • CNC Router
  • CNC Machining
  • CNC Lathe

We also provide you with professional support for maintenance and training for EDM machining specialists. Contact us today to schedule a meeting to discuss your EDM and related technology projects.