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What the World Would Be Like If Aerospace Precision Machining Didn’t Exist

Space may be the final frontier that scientists, engineers and explorers set their sights on today to discover strange new worlds that might support intelligent life and may one day allow for human colonies to thrive. Yet without the modern technologies and innovations offered by a precision metal machining company, life would be very different today in the field of aerospace. In fact, there would be no aerospace industry without the complex prototypes and precision parts needed to run multiple machines and equipment systems used in the airplanes, spacecraft, missiles and satellites. Sit back and take a moment to think about the technological advancements we would be without if there were no precision metal machining company that crafted parts for the aerospace industry.

Travel Would Never Take to the Skies

Mankind has always dreamed about taking flight all the way back to 1010 AD when the Benedictine monk Oliver of Malmesbury fashioned wings and jumped off the Malmesbury abbey. While he only flew 125 paces before falling to the ground, this feat soon inspired others to delve into the capabilities of machines to achieve flight. Fast forward to the present and we will find the skies filled with aircraft. In 2013, there are 199,927 general aviation aircraft operating in the United States according to statistics from the United States Department of Transportation.

Yet take a moment to consider if there were no precision parts for aircrafts, towers, and transportation communication systems. People would rely on cars, trains and watercraft to reach destinations, increasing travel times and limiting the places people would go. Most would travel less than a few miles from their homes as it would change how people would work for a living.

Trade Limited to Land and Sea

Speaking of work, businesses around the world would be greatly impacted by the advances that the precision metal machining company industry has put toward aerospace technology. Companies import and export products around the world and with other countries. The United States was the second biggest merchandise trader in the world (China ranks the top spot) in 2013 with merchandise trade totaling $3,909 billion. Yet these amounts would plummet without aircraft shipping possibilities as businesses would be limited to land and sea freight options.
Due to aerospace precision machining, companies have developed efficient international trade processes and manufacturing supply chains. They have opened the doors to receive raw materials and end products from suppliers around the world, and to offer products to consumers no matter their locale in other countries.

Never Learn About Other Cultures

Besides the economic advantages that metal machining projects and tools have provided to the world of aerospace and trade for businesses, there are several cultural benefits that have been provided. With aerospace, people have been capable of making the trips to other countries to learn about cultures for the first time. Without such a feat of mankind, society would still be at the age with a few brave explorers taking the challenge of traveling across the land and sea to these faraway lands. Today, it only takes hours by air for someone to travel from San Francisco to Japan to dine on sushi while taking in the majestic sights of Mount Fuji or to travel to Australia to pet a koala bear. All this was accomplished by aerospace engineers and precision machining companies that allowed an easier method of transportation to meet these cultures.

Struggling to go into Space and Beyond

Space is a frontier that would never be reached without aerospace manufacturing. There would be no space programs, no space vehicles traveling to distant worlds and taking specimens for study, and no International Space Station constructed with the help of astronauts from 15 countries. All these accomplishments relied on a precision metal machining company creating parts and prototypes with the highest caliber and intricacy while knowing that one slight mistake would be calamitous. Due to the diligent work of machinists, humans have been able to discover space wonders such as the possibility of rain being composed of diamonds on Saturn, greenhouse gases on Venus that could further provide a glimpse of what will happen to Earth with global warming, and the likelihood of liquid water existing on Jupiter’s moon Europa that could one day be populated by humans.

Yet we don’t have to travel so far from Earth to understand how much society needs aerospace engineering and machining. Without rockets equipped with satellites, people would be without all their modern conveniences. There would be no global television, GPS tracking, and meteorological data to predict significant weather patterns. People wouldn’t be able to make phone calls, access the internet, or even map the earth.

Lack of Defense from Foreign Threats

Aerospace and the defense of the country go hand in hand. With a precision metal machining company offering their expertise in parts manufacturing, our military forces have the capabilities to protect the welfare and livelihood of all the people of our great nation. The aerospace field has created machines and equipment such as fighter jets, missiles, long range bombs and transports for troop and military vehicle movement wherever the soldiers are needed.

It takes the smallest part to help people design and build some of the greatest feats of mankind. This statement is especially true in the industry of aerospace and the tiny mechanisms and parts created that has been placed in the machine systems that impact how people live on this world and how we observe other planets in the universe. Without precision metal machining companies, we would not have the benefits of aerospace.


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