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  • Accepted file types: sldprt, slddwg, stp, pdf, jpg, dxf, dwg, x_t, x_b, stl.


We offer a wide range of machining services, including EDM, CNC and manual machining. Our goal is to delight our customers with high quality machined parts and components, delivered quickly and accurately. We have a full staff of highly skilled machinists and state of the art equipment, so we can cut intricate objects and tight tolerances that other machine services won’t touch. We have the ability to work with a variety of materials—from soft plastics to tough titanium and everything in between.

We accept any size job—from small prototype runs to full-scale production quantities. Regardless of the size, we treat every job with the same care and attention to detail that sets us apart from other companies. We work hard to make our customers happy by delivering quality parts on time.

Our electrical discharge machining (EDM) expertise allows us to use extremely hard conductive materials that are difficult to machine using other methods. EDM uses an electrode to create millions of tiny sparks that erode small particles from a production piece. The equipment we use can create complex pieces with intricate contours or small delicate parts. We have numerous EDM capabilities and expertise that give us the ability to match the right method to your design to ensure you get exactly what you want. Our EDM capabilities include:

  • Wire EDM Machining: This type of EDM uses a wire electrode to create ultra precise cuts all the way through a production piece.
  • Ram/sinker EDM: This type of EDM uses a punch as an electrode and is often used when production pieces need to stay intact but have specific cavities cut from them, as with dies and molds
  • Small hole EDM: Similar to ram EDM, small hole EDM uses a small spinning electrode to create precise small holes that would be too costly and time consuming for ram EDM to achieve. Small hole EDM is ideal for creating injection nozzles in molds, or holes in tooling for coolant, as well as starter holes for wire EDM.

CNC machining is ideal for large runs, especially when you need a quick turnaround. Our service includes large runs of 2D parts and fabrication of one-off 3D prototypes. CNC machines can run autonomously for long periods without deviations, so every part produced is identical. Our extensive line up of CNC machines includes lathes, routers, surface grinders and more, so we have the perfect equipment for your job. We can create parts from soft and fragile materials as well as hard materials such as titanium. Our CNC equipment and experienced machinists allow us to create identical parts with close tolerances, in any quantity you require.

Some tasks require the human touch, and we have you covered with a full line of manual equipment. Manual machining is ideal for jobs that require special handling or a delicate touch. If your project requires that each piece has artistic or unique details, manual machining is the only way to achieve your goal. Manual machining is also ideal for one-off jobs such as tooling or prototype, as well as for secondary operations or short run part modifications. In the hands of our skilled machinists, our manual machining equipment ensures that every project is perfect.







Comparing EDM with conventional machining

Manufacturing engineers turn to EDM when milling, turning and grinding aren’t up to the task. It’s as if it’s a binary choice: if machining isn’t possible then chose EDM. The reality is more complex. There’s a significant middle ground where EDM and conventional processes go head-to-head. Yes, the wire EDM cutting rate is lower than…

Surface finish achievable with EDM

Surface finish is often called out on part prints. Sometimes it’s because it influences appearance, more often because it affects how surfaces slide over one another. Bearing surfaces and those used for sealing are examples of where finish is important. An EDM surface finish is different to that produced by conventional machining. Cutting processes produce…

Let EDM be your secret weapon

Thin walls, tight internal radii, tapers, deep blind pockets in hard materials. Sometimes it seems designers are just trying to find the limits of what manufacturing can do. It’s as if they’re hoping manufacturing will say, “Can’t be done.” The thing is, if manufacturing only has access to conventional machining processes they’re probably right. Some…

How accurate is wire EDM?

It’s only natural that designers and toolmakers should ask about the precision of EDM. Knowing the capabilities of the process informs design decisions and influences costs. Whether the parts being made are surgical instruments, extrusion dies, or aerospace components, it’s important to know what tolerances are achievable. Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer. While accuracies of…



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