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  • Accepted file types: sldprt, slddwg, stp, pdf, jpg, dxf, dwg, x_t, x_b, stl.


Electrical discharge machining, commonly called EDM, is used to create parts and components out of conductive materials that other machining operations cannot handle because of the hardness of the material, the precision of the required cut or other factors. EDM is used in many applications, but it is especially useful for creating prototypes, dies, and molds because it can cut very intricate pieces and cut through hard metals such as kovar, titanium, Inconel, carbide, and hardened tool steel. The medical, aerospace, automotive and defense industries use EDM machining extensively. EDM may also be used for removing drills and broken items from cavities. We have a complete range of EDM machines that will surely fit your needs.

Wire EDM uses an extremely fine wire—sometimes finer than a human hair—as an electrode. The cut piece, which must be made from a conductive material, is submerged in a fluid, usually deionized water. When an electrical current is passed through the wire, it causes an arc to jump to the piece, removing minute quantities of metal. The wire continuously unspools as the work progresses. The entire process is computer controlled, allowing for exceptionally tight tolerances as fine as .0002” and angle tapers up to 30 0.

  • Tolerance: .0002” (Inches)
  • Largest Angle Of Taper: 30º
  • All Conductive Materials

Ram / Sinker EDM machining uses a job specific electrode connected to the ram and the power source. As the head feeds into the metal to be cut, the metal erodes. The entire process takes place in a fluid bath that continuously flushes away cutting debris and cools the metal to prevent unwanted changes to its metallurgical properties. The ram / sinker EDM process can be used to clean and repair damaged exterior or interior walls with a .002” tolerance.

  • Practically Sharp .002" Internal
  • All Conductive Materials
  • Able to repair & clean damaged inteirier/exterior walls

Small hole EDM uses a specialized hollow electrode to cut precise holes into metal. The electrode spins, similar to a drill, but it is the electrical spark from the power source applied to the electrode that actually removes the metal. The process creates a series of holes in the material, which may combine into a single larger hole as the process continues. During the entire operation, the materials are washed with fluid to carry away waste and provide cooling. This process can create holes as small as .010 at any angle, with no burrs or damage.

  • Smallest Diameter Holes: .015" (Some applications we can drill .010”)
  • Able to Drill ALL Angles
  • No Burrs or Damage


EDM can be used in a number of different applications, but it is especially useful for creating prototypes, dies, and molds because it can cut very intricate pieces. It can also cut through hard metals like kovar, titanium, Inconel, carbide, and hardened tool steel. This is particularly useful in the medical and aerospace industries, although EDM machining is also used in the automotive, electronics, retail and defense industries. It may also be used for fairly simple applications like removing drills and broken items from cavities.






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